• How to book your ADR test

    ​Preparing to book

    Before you can book your ADR test, your vehicle must have passed its HCV test and you must have your CRW.
    The date your current ADR expires is the date when your annual ADR testing is due.

    How to book

    There are 26 CVRT centres​ that test ADRs around Ireland.
    You can book your test online with My CVRT, which saves you time and postage. Here’s how:
    1. First, register for My CVRT, our online system
    2. Enter your vehicle details and select your preferred ADR test centre. This is when you can add an HCV test if you wish.
    3. Choose your ADR certificate category and vehicle category
    4. Enter your declarations. This is where you can upload all your declaration documentation and certificates
    5. Book your vehicle’s ADR test in 3 easy steps
    • Choose a date for the test
    • Make your ADR payment: to the RSA for processing
    • Make a preliminary booking & the test centre will confirm

     We accept VISA and Mastercard. Please note, we do not accept American Express or Diners Club cards

    Visa Mastercard_small.jpg

    Or you can apply offline:

    Download our application (pdf) and fill it in along with all your certificates.
    Then you can post it into us - be sure to send everything in at least 10 working days before your ADR test -
    ADR Unit,
    Vehicle Standards Section,
    Road Safety Authority,
    Moy Valley Business Park,
    Primrose Hill,
    Remember! - The person presenting the vehicle for its test is now required to produce Presenter I.D. in the form of a valid Driving Licence or Passport at the test centre.

  • Test fees

    The cost of an ADR test, including the certificate is:

    • €91.50 – processing costs, payable to the RSA
    • €93.01 – for the test itself, payable to the test centre
    If your certificate is lost or stolen, you’ll need to pay:
    • €36.30 – to the RSA for the replacement certificate
    • €17.72 – to the test centre to validate the certificate

  • After your test

    If your vehicle passes

    My CVRT, our online system, will send a notification to an RSA ADR administrator. Then we’ll send the ADR certificate to the transport company.

    If your vehicle fails

    You’ll get a list of the vehicle’s faults. You’ll need to get those faults fixed and bring the vehicle in for a re-test.
    The re-test could happen the same day (depending on the faults), but a re-test must be at least within 14 days of the initial one.

    Re-test cost:

    • Doesn’t require use of a pit = no charge
    • equires use of a pit = Half of the original test fee

  • Preparing for your test and what the test examines

    ​Depending on your vehicle and the type of dangerous goods it is designed to transport or carry, the examiner’s test may include:

    • Flammability
    • Fuel tanks
    • Tanks
    • Electrical connections
    • Towing coupling
    • Exhaust systems
    • Combustion heaters
    • Brakes
    • Body
    • Engine
    • Speed limitation devices
    • Tachograph
    • Rear protection devices