I didn't receive my CRW

Your vehicle has passed the CVR test and you’ve received a pass statement from your test centre, but you haven’t yet received your CRW. On this page you can find out what the reasons could be and what you should do.

Reasons you may not have received your CRW

The CVR test result was ‘Pass pending recheck of Minor Deficiencies’

From 20 May 2018, if you receive a test report from your CVR testing centre showing this test result, as in the example below, then the registered owner of the vehicle will not automatically receive the certificate of roadworthiness (CRW) until the minor defects have been confirmed as rectified by the testing centre where the vehicle was tested. 

To get confirmation you must:

  • ​get the minor defects rectified
  • return to the authorised CVR testing centre where the original CVR test was carried out
  • have your vehicle rechecked to confirm that the items have been repaired. You will not be charged a fee for this recheck.

You informed the Test Centre that the vehicle was undergoing a change of ownership.

This means we will delay sending out the CRW for 14 days, giving you sufficient time to update the registered owner details. If you have not updated the owner details within 14 days, we will automatically send the CRW to the registered owner as listed in the National Vehicle and Driver File. ​

If you are happy that the registered owner details have been updated and do not wish to wait for 14 days, you can use our online self service facility to release your CRW

 Release CRW

You are not the registered owner of the vehicle. 

Only the registered owner of the vehicle will receive the CRW in the post. Check if the name and address details are correct on the vehicle registration certificate (VRC). If they are not correct, you can do the following:

  • ​Send your VRC for amendment to the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport, Shannon, Co Clare.
  • When you receive your updated VRC with the correct registered owner details, you can apply for a CRW by post. (our online facility is temporarily unavailable) 
  • Apply online for your replacement CRW

The person who presented the vehicle at the test centre did not have Presenter ID with them at the time of the test. 

Check the test report – there will be a note on the report to say if Presenter ID​ was not available. We cannot send out the CRW until presenter ID (driver licence, passport or public services card) is provided at the testing centre.

​​​If you have any queries on not receiving your CRW in the post that are not included in any of the above reasons or on replacing your CRW, please email cvrtfinance@rsa.ie


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