CVR Test Fees

There are different fees applicable for different types of vehicles. The relevant fees are set out in the table below

​​Vehicle Type ​​Fees ​

Vans & Jeeps - Vehicles having a design gross weight not exceeding 3,500 kilograms

Full test Fee €92.91
Re test Fee€35.43
Inc VAT@23%
Full test fee €111.16
Re- test fee €43.58

Mini Buses - Mechanically propelled vehicles used for the carriage of passengers with more than 8 seats but fewer than 14 seats,

Full test fee€193.92
Re Test Fee€73.83
Inc VAT @ 23%
Full test fee €231.96
Re- test fee €90.81

Large Bus 

Full test fee€195.92
Re Test fee€73.83
Inc VAT @ 23%
Full test fee€233.96
Re- test fee€90.81

Truck >3,500kg < 7,500kg 

Full Test fee€143.91
Re Test fee€47.26
Inc VAT @ 23%
Full test fee €168.26
Re- test fee €58.13

2 Axle Truck >7,500kg

Full test fee€167.90
Re Test fee€59.08
Inc VAT @ 23%
Full test fee€198.34
Re- test fee€72.67

3 Axle Truck >7,500kg

​Full Test fee€197.59
Re Test fee€73.83
Inc VAT @ 23%
Full test fee €235.63
Re- test fee €90.81​

4 Axel Truck >7,500kg 

Full Test fee €215.82
Re Test fee €82.69
Inc VAT @ 23%
Full test fee €258.42
Re- test fee €101.71

Trailer >3,500kg 

Full Test fee€139.02
Re Test fee€53.15
Inc VAT @ 23%
Full test fee €166.40
Re- test fee €65.37


Full Test fee€142.39
Re Test fee€47.26
Inc VAT @ 23%
Full test fee €166.74
Re- test fee€58.13

2 Axel Motor Caravan 

Full Test fee€76.86
Re Test fee€35.43
Inc VAT @ 23%
Full test fee €94.54
Re- test fee €43.58​​

3 Axel Motor Caravan

Full Test fee€94.58
Re Test fee€44.29
Inc VAT @ 23%
Full test fee €116.33
Re- test fee€54.48

​​​​Note 1 - the full test fee includes a levy element that is not subject to VAT.

Details of all test fees are prescribed in Statutory Instrument (S.I.) No. 513 of 2023 (PDF)​

Note 2 - a technical adjustment to the apportioning of the CVR full test fees commenced on 01/11/23. This adjustment does not materially affect the fee paid by the vehicle operator/owner.

Retest Fees

A visual re-test is free, but a retest that requires a test lane has a fee as outlined above.
All retests must be completed within 21 calendar days and within 4,000 kms of the initial test or you'll need to repeat the full test.
You should repair vehicle fail items immediately and present the vehicle for re-test as soon as possible.

Pass pending recheck of Minor Deficiencies – fees

There is no fee for a recheck if the test result for your vehicle is Pass pending recheck of  minor deficiencies. 

There is also no 21 day and 4,000 km rule for completing the recheck. However, we recommend that you get all minor deficiencies rectified and rechecked at the testing centre as soon as possible. 

We cannot send out a CRW until the testing centre has confirmed that the minor deficiencies have been rectified.

What does the Test Fee include?

The test fee covers the following elements:

  • Your commercial vehicle test
  • Your certificate of roadworthiness – printing and postage of your CRW (no longer have to travel to your motor tax office)
  • Road Safety Levy – note the Road Safety Levy does not apply to re-tests. However if the vehicle is not brought back within on time and within 4,000Km limit then the vehicle will require a full test and you will be charged a further levy.

What is the Road Safety Levy used for?

The Road Safety Levy helps fund the CVR reform programme which has the aim of making our roads safer for everyone. 
The reform process has been worked on since 2007 and there have been no fee increases since then.  The RSA has financed the upfront capital investment in the system so that the fee increases would only apply from the time benefits are being delivered.
The CVR reforms have their inception in the Kentstown and Clara collisions in which a number of children tragically lost their lives at a time when there was huge concern about the standard of our commercial vehicles at home and abroad.   
The levy is being used to fund several reforms which support compliant operators including :

  1. An enhanced testing system with several benefits for road transport operators which support excellent customer service, including:
    • Easy to use online test booking and reminder system
    • Automatic posting of the Certificate of Roadworthiness (CRW) to registered owners eliminating the need to go to the motor tax office to exchange a pass statement for a CRW.
    • Fewer documents to produce at the CVR testing centre – you don’t need to bring your vehicle registration document to the test centre anymore.  This is significant improvement for any operator with vehicles all around the country.
    • Overall increased CVR test integrity and consistency
  2. ​Enhanced supervision, enforcement and compliance measures by the RSA.  This includes, for example, increased roadside inspections, and inspections of  operator premises to review roadworthiness and safety records and practices.
  3. A new Operator Portal which can be used by operators as a repository for their fleet. HCV & PSV owners and operators are required to complete a self declaration via this portal providing details such as vehicles in the fleet, type of goods transported, vehicle maintenance details. This is a mandatory requirement.

All in all, the system aims to :

  • improve the compliance of commercial vehicles and deliver safer roads for all road users
  • support compliant commercial operators who are currently being undercut by non-compliant operators
  • deliver several administrative improvements for commercial vehicle operators in connection with the annual test.

VAT Calculation on Fees 

No vat is applied on the proportion of the fee passed on to the RSA (i.e. the road safety levy)  

Certificate of Roadworthiness costs

The CRW cost that was paid by vehicle owners to the motor tax office is now included in the test fees above and the CRW certificate and detachable disc is automatically posted to the current registered owner of the vehicle.

Further Information

If you require further information about Commercial Vehicle Testing please get in touch by emailing us at  

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