CRW and motor tax

If you own a commercial vehicle that is more than one year old or a motor caravan more than four years old, it must have a valid CRW before you can pay its motor tax, even if your vehicle is taxed as a private vehicle.  

You don’t need to wait until you receive the CRW in the post before you can tax your vehicle. You can 

  • Tax it in person at the motor tax office approximately one hour after the test is completed.
  • Tax your vehicle online the day after the test is completed.

Further information in relation to the taxing of your vehicle is available on

Imported vehicles – recognition of EU roadworthiness certificates.

If you’re the registered owner of an imported second-hand commercial vehicle from another EU Member State and the vehicle has a current valid roadworthiness certificate issued by  a Member State at the time the vehicle was registered in Ireland, you can have the unexpired portion of the certificate recognised by exchanging the certificate for an Irish-issued EU recognition certificate. However, the out-of-state roadworthiness certificate must still be valid under Irish legal testing rules.

You must complete the recognition application form (PDF)​ and send it to us. Once we have verified the validity of the roadworthiness certificate issued by another Member State, we will then send you an EU recognition certificate. Upon receipt you will be able to tax your vehicle.  The recognition certificate contains a disk that you must display on the vehicle concerned. See sample below

Please note you will not be able to tax your vehicle using an EU roadworthiness certificate. You must exchange the certificate for an Irish issued EU recognition certificate from us before you can tax your vehicle. 

Visit our mutual recognition of out-of-state EU roadworthiness certificates page for further information. 

Sample EU recognition certificate 

Sample EU recognition certificate

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