CVR Test Results

When your vehicle has completed its CVR test, we will give you a report outlining the results of the test. You will receive one of the following:

Pass Statement

If you receive a pass statement it means that your vehicle has passed the Commercial Vehicle Test. Unless you have informed us that the vehicle is undergoing a change of ownership a CRW will automatically issue to the registered owner of the vehicle.
If you have informed the test centre that the vehicle is undergoing a change of ownership then we will delay sending out the CRW for 14 days, giving you sufficient time to update the registered owner details.

Download a sample pass statement (PDF) 

Fail Test Report 

If you receive a fail test report it means that your vehicle has failed the CVR test. The vehicle owner must get the vehicle repaired and re-present it for a CVR retest at the same testing centre within 21 days or it having travelled less than 4,000 km. 

When your vehicle completes and passes the retest, we will automatically issue a CRW to the registered owner of the vehicle. ​

Download a sample fail test report (PDF) 

Pass with minor deficiencies 

From 20 May 2018 you may receive a test report from your CVR testing centre showing that the test result is ‘Pass pending recheck of minor deficiencies’.
This means that the CVR Testing Centre only found minor defects when testing your vehicle. That is no major or dangerous defects were found. In the case of minor deficiencies (defects) only your vehicle doesn’t need a retest. However, you must return to the CVR testing centre where the original test was conducted and show that you have had the minor defects repaired. There is no time limit on bringing your vehicle back for this recheck.

Procedure ​ 

The following is the procedure in this case :

  • ​Your original test report with the result of ‘Pass pending recheck of minor deficiencies’ will clearly list the minor deficiencies identified on your vehicle.
  • We won’t send you the CRW – we’ll put it on hold.
  • You must get the minor deficiencies rectified.
  • You must return with your vehicle to the testing centre where the original CVR test was carried out to have your vehicle rechecked to confirm that the minor deficiencies have been rectified.
  • Once the CVR tester confirms that the minor deficiencies have been rectified, we will give you a pass statement and we will automatically send the CRW to the current registered owner of the vehicle.

As this isn’t a retest, there is no time or mileage restriction on when you must return your vehicle to the testing centre. Also there is no fee to check that minor deficiencies have been rectified.

Download a sample test report showing results of Pass with minor deficiencies(PDF) 

CVR Test Defect classifications 

In addition to the system changes to the CVR test listed above, there will be a number of changes to CVR test defect classifications. Defects now found during the CVRT will be categorised as follows:

Severities Severities Explained  Result 
Dangerous ​A direct and immediate risk to road safety or having an impact on the environment. The vehicle should not be used on the road under any circumstances. 
It is illegal to drive until the vehicle has been repaired
​Major It may affect the safety of the vehicle, have an impact on the environment, and put other road users at risk or other more significant non-compliances. 
Repair immediately.
Minor No significant effect on the safety of the vehicle or impact on the environment. If only minor defects are identified, the vehicle will be deemed passed "Pending Re-check". The pass statement will not issue until the vehicle is represented for a visual inspection with the defects rectified. 
Repair as soon as possible
Pass pending re-check
Advisory  Advisory notice it could become more serious in the future. 
Monitor and repair issue if necessary.
Pass  The vehicle meets the minimum legal standard of the CVRT. 
Make sure the vehicle remains in a roadworthy condition

Please note specifically the new test items now classified as dangerous defects: ​

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