Digi Tacho Gen 2 Workshop Cards

Tachograph legislation has been updated, and a ‘Smart Tachograph’ will be installed in new vehicles registered from 15 June 2019 onwards.  RSA has been preparing for the introduction of the new Smart Tachograph including liaising with the NSAI about arrangements for workshop cards and preparing workshops to be able to calibrate, repair etc. the new Smart Tachograph.

All new company and driver cards issued by the RSA from 15 June 2019 will be capable of being used with the new Smart Tachograph. These new cards will still work with older tachographs and existing driver and company cards will also be compatible with the Smart Tachograph. 

In the case of workshop cards, workshops must hold a Smart Tachograph compatible workshop card (known as a ‘Generation 2’ WORKSHOP Card) as the existing workshop cards issued to fitters will not be compatible with the new Smart Tachog​raph. The State is required to be able to issue 2nd Generation (Gen 2) workshop cards from 15 March 2019.  All tachograph cards issued after 15 June 2019 must be Smart Tachograph Gen 2.

What is meant by a ‘Gen2’ or ‘Generation 2’ workshop card?

A ‘Gen2’ or ‘Generation 2’ workshop card is a Smart Tachograph compatible workshop card.

What is meant by ‘Gen 1’ or a ‘Generation 1’ workshop card?

A ‘Generation 1’ workshop card is the workshop card which is currently issued.  This card is not compatible with the new Smart Tachograph.

When can I apply for a Generation 2 Workshop card?

The Road Safety Authority (RSA) is accepting applications from 15 March 2019 in accordance with legal requirements.   However, between 15 March and 14 June 2019 2019, workshops have the option of applying for either a Generation 1 (the digital tachograph card which is currently issued) or a Gen 2 smart tachograph card. 

What do I need to apply for a Generation 2 Workshop card?

The workshop must hold the appropriate Gen 2 equipment and the fitter must have successfully completed Gen 2 training.  The following must be submitted with an application:

  • ​Certificate of approval that the fitter is Gen 2 trained (Annex 1C) – tachograph specific
  • Workshop’s valid NSAI Certificate of approval – Gen 2 specific – NSAI will provide this when the workshop holds the Gen 2 equipment and completed the required training.
  • Your current Generation 1 workshop card (if it is not due for renewa) 

Can I apply for a Generation 1 tachograph card after 15 June 2019?

No.  After 15 June 2019 it will not be possible to issue Generation 1 cards and all tachograph cards including workshop cards must be Gen 2.  Applicants must be Gen2 complaint- please see above.

Are measures being introduced for workshops who will not be Gen2 compliant by the 15 June 2019 ?

Yes.  The RSA will issue all fitters and workshops with a Generation 1 Workshop card which expires 13 June 2020.  These cards will be issued to fitters/workshops when their existing card is about to expire at no cost to the holder.  If your Generation 1 card is due to expire from 15 June 2019- 14 June 2020 then you do not need to apply for this and the cost will be borne by the RSA.  This is a one-off measure to facilitate workshops becoming Gen2 compliant by June 2020.    Please note that when these Generation 1 cards expire there will be no further option to extend the validity dates of a Generation 1 workshop card.  There are no exceptions to this rule. 
Essentially the RSA approach means that all workshops can continue to operate up until 13 June 2020 using Generation 1 workshop cards. That being said, RSA is encouraging workshops to initiate preparations for Gen2 status as quickly as possible so that you can respond to any HCV operator seeking calibrations of vehicles fitted with the Gen 2 tachograph.

Why should I become Gen2 compliant? 

Workshops who do not become Gen 2 compliant on before 14 June 2020 will not be eligible to undertake calibrations or inspections of any tachographs after that date.  RSA is encouraging all approved workshops to secure Gen2 approval as soon as possible. If any workshop is not intending to become Gen 2 compliant, please advise us as quickly as possible.

I wish to apply for a Gen2 workshop card from 15 March 2019.  Will I also receive a Generation 1 card?

No.  If a fitter is issued with a Gen 2 card between 15 March and 14 June 2019 then a Generation 1 workshop card will not be issued to them as the Gen 2 card is compatible with both Generation 1 and Gen 2 units.  However, the Generation 1 card is not compatible with Gen 2 equipment, so therefore the RSA encourages as many workshops to become Gen 2 compliant as soon as possible.

My Generation 1 workshop card has become malfunctioning or is lost after 15 June 2019.  Will the RSA provide a replacement Generation 1 workshop card?

No.  Only Gen 2 cards will be issued after 15 June and it will not be possible to issue Gen 1 replacement cards after that date.  If a card becomes malfunctioning, lost, stolen or damaged after 15 June 2019, only Gen 2 cards can be issued and the workshop and fitter must be Gen 2 compliant.  There are no exceptions to this rule. 

My Generation 1 workshop card expires before 14 June 2019 and I wish to renew my Generation 1 card.  I am not Gen 2 compliant.  Do I need to apply for a renewal?

Yes.  If your Generation 1 workshop card expires before 14 June 2019 and you wish to renew your Generation 1 card you must apply for same at the full cost.

Should I delay applying for approval as a Gen2 Workshop?

While it is a matter for each workshop to decide if they wish to continue as an approved workshop after 14 June 2020, RSA  recommends that those intending to do, should engage with the tachograph equipment suppliers and trainers at an early date and also liaise with the NSAI concerning the necessary approvals for the workshop. These workshops should not postpone a decision on this until near the 14 June 2020 cut-off date. 

Where can I obtain further information about becoming a Gen 2 workshop?

Contact the NSAI in respect of workshop approvals and the NSAI in respect of tachograph cards.

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