Presenter ID requirement

 If you are bringing a vehicle for a Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Test (CVRT) you must produce Identification. If you don’t then the Certificate of Roadworthiness (CRW) will not issue for a vehicle which successfully completes the test, until the required ID is produced.

Why do I need to bring I.D.?

Recording presenter IDs helps us ensure higher quality testing and makes it easier to follow-up on issues. It can provide important information, to help identify and investigate unusual patterns of activity relating to test quality or outcomes. The application of these measures also acts as a deterrent to fraudulent activity in relation to the CVRT. 

The Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness (Vehicle Testing) (No.2) Regulations 2013 (PDF) provide the legal basis under which required identification may be sought. 

What sort of I.D. is required?

Acceptable forms of I.D. are your drivers licence or passport. From May 20 2018 the public services card will also be acceptable. 
You should have your drivers licence with you as it's against the law to drive a vehicle without a drivers licence. 

Does this mean that only the owner can present the vehicle for a test?

No. It simply means that whoever you nominate to bring your vehicle for a test must produce their drivers licence or passport. 

What happens if the presenter forgets to bring ID.?

If you forget to bring ID then the test centre can still carry out the test on the vehicle. However, if the vehicle successfully completes the test, you’ll need to go back to the test centre as soon as possible with valid ID so the CRW can be released. 

You should be aware that where you do not produce Presenter ID, the CRW will not be issued.You will not be able to tax your vehicle if your vehicle does not already have an in date and valid CRW.

If I don’t have Presenter ID, will I get proof that the vehicle has completed the test?

A test report will be issued to you when the test is complete.The issuing of the CRW will be placed on-hold until you return with the required ID. 

What will be recorded by the test centre?

The test centre will record your name, type of identification presented and the relevant unique number on identification. Please note your data is safe and data recording is carried out in line with data protection obligations.

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