How to become a CVR test centre

We authorise and supervise all Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Test centres, so you’ll need to apply to us if you want to become a test centre.

All new applicants for authorisation as a CVR test operator must undertake tests of both heavy and light commercial vehicles – the application must meet the minimum requirement of 1 Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) test lane and 1 Heavy Commercial Vehicle (HCV) test lane i.e. You cannot open a LCV only or HCV only test centre. 

Your plans should be drawn up in conjunction with the RSA's premises and equipment guidelines, it is recommended that you send the plans (including site plan) to for review, in advance of seeking planning permission and commencing building.

Confirmation that the applicant has obtained any necessary planning permission consents required to operate the CVR testing centre must also be provided.

In order to support connectivity to the RSA, 4G connectivity is required. 

Applicants must meet all of the statutory requirements as specified in Section 11(1) – (a) to (f) of the Road Safety Authority (Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness) Act 2012. These requirements are as follows:

  • The person makes an application in the prescribed form accompanied by the prescribed​ documents and supporting information.  
  • The person has paid the prescribe​d fee (i.e.€8,500 for a two lane operation)
  • The person, at the time of making the application, holds a current tax clearance certificate issued under section 1095 (inserted by section 127(b) of the Finance Act 2002) of the Taxes Consolidation Act 1997
  • The Authority is satisfied that the person has, or has access to, the premises, facilities, equipment and testers necessary to enable tests to be carried out in accordance with this Part (including any regulations made under this Part and any guidelines)
  • The Authority is satisfied that the person has, or has the capacity to obtain, the necessary financial resources to provide CVR testing under the authorisation applied for, and
  • The Authority is satisfied that, having regard to section 12, the person, or in the case of an application by a company each director and the secretary of that company, is a fit and proper person to hold such authorisation.

The investment required to open a new test centre and ensuring compliance with the requirements is significant and any proposals should be carefully assessed from a financial and risk perspective. Any applicant is advised to fully research the costs involved and the anticipated returns on this investment.

Premises and equipment guidelines

All applicants must fully comply with the current Premises and Equipment Guidelines. These guidelines outline the requirements for test lanes, parking areas, testing areas, sign posts and more.  

Download a copy of the  current Premises and Equipment Guidelines (PDF)​ ​and also the CVRT Branding Guidelines (PDF). 

Where to apply?

Fill out our application form for authorisation as a new test centre​​​​.​​ Send the completed form to:

CVR Authorisation Section
Commercial Vehicle Testing
Road Safety Authority
Clonfert House
Bride Street
Co Galway. 

H62 ET93

What is the Application Fee?

A minimum fee of €8,500 is chargeable to applicants for new CVR Test Operators authorisations. If the application is for more than 2 test lanes there is an additional fee of €6,000 for each additional test lane.

The RSA will conduct inspections of CVR Test Operator premises to determine whether the applicant meets the requirements for granting an authorisation. There will be no fee for the initial or second visit however any subsequent visits will incur a fee of €200 for a half day (or part thereof) and €450 for a full day visit or more than a half day.

Existing authorised test centres who apply for an amendment to their authorisation in relation to ADR testing must pay an application fee of €500. If an existing test centre applies for an amendment to increase the number of test lanes the prescribed fee is €6,000 for each additional test lane.

For additional information please contact

What are the training requirements for new CVR Test Operators?

Any CVR Test operator applying for a new authorisation will be required to complete an initial CVR Test Operator course.

​​Course  ​Duration 
Initial CVR Test Operator Course ​​ 2 days 

 Who provides the training ? 

Technological University of the Shannon (TUS) has been awarded the training contract by the RSA to deliver this training. The training is run on a number of different dates during the year. All fees are paid directly to TUS. Please contact TUS for further information.​

What are the training fees?

The training fees per attendee are as follows 

​Training Course ​Fee
Initial CVR Test Operator Training ​ ​€435

 All fees are paid directly to Technological University of the Shannon (TUS).  

Further Information

Queries in relation to course dates and times should be directed to Technological University of the Shannon (TUS).
Pamela Coyne,
RSA Course Coordinator,
Technological University of the Shannon, 
East Campus, 
Dublin Road 
Co. Westmeath
Tel: 090 648 3032
Should you have any further queries on the application process please contact us at:
Road Safety Authority, 
CVR Authorisation Section,
Clonfert House, 
Bride St,
H62 ET93
Tel 091 872 600

Equipment Specification Clarifications

Where there is a query on any equipment specifications, the Authority may issue a clarification to ensure that equipment specification is clearly understood.

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