Your CRW and Odometer readings

Since 11 May 2016 your vehicle’s current odometer reading and up to two previous readings are printed on your certificate of roadworthiness (CRW).
This change was introduced to ensure that historic odometer readings are readily available to potential buyers and to assist in deterring odometer fraud. Furthermore, odometer readings can be an indicator of the relative health of a vehicle, as they clarify the actual distance travelled by the vehicle over its life cycle.

The ‘start date’ for recording these historical readings was 19 August 2014, so any vehicle that passed an initial or periodic CVR test after this date should, since 11 May 2016, display up to two previous test dates and the corresponding odometer readings.

​Where can I see the historic odometer readings? 

Since the introduction of the CVR test the current odometer reading recorded at each annual CVR test is printed on the CRW disc that is displayed on the vehicle’s windscreen. This will continue to be the case. Should you wish to view the historic odometer readings, you’ll find them on the CRW certificate that you get with the CRW disc. Please see the example below. 

I recently purchased this vehicle and the previous odometer reading is higher than the current odometer reading? 

There may be legitimate reasons why an earlier reading is higher than a more recent one, for example if a speedometer has been replaced. We recommend that potential purchasers of a used vehicle ask for a copy of the CRW certificate from the seller to check the previous odometer reading. If there are any queries on the historic odometer readings on the certificate, then these should be discussed with the seller of the vehicle.  Find out more about purchasing a used vehicle​

It is important to note that while this new measure should act as a deterrent to odometer fraud, we are not responsible for policing such activity. 

I have just had this vehicle tested and the odometer reading on my CRW is incorrect. 

When the CVR test is complete, as the vehicle owner it’s your responsibility to check with the CVR testing centre that the odometer reading displayed on the test report/pass statement is correct. If it’s not, you should immediately tell the CVR tester.

You must check the odometer reading before your vehicle leaves the CVR testing centre, as we cannot correct any discrepancies after your vehicle has left the testing centre. 

If you have any queries or complaints about incorrect odometer readings after you have left the CVR testing centre or when you get your CRW, you should contact the CVR testing centre that tested your vehicle. ​


Trailers will show a N/A value on their CRW as an odometer reading is not available for trailers.

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