CRW on Imported or Converted vehicles

On this page you can find out about the test due dates and CRW expiry dates for converted vehicles and imported vehicles. 

Converted vehicles  

Since 20 May 2018, if you have converted your vehicle, for example from an M1 passenger vehicle to an N1 goods vehicle, its test due date is the ‘date of conversion’ as recorded on the National Vehicle and Driver File. The CRW expiry period is calculated based on that date rather than on the date the test was carried out and passed. Therefore, you will not benefit from delaying having your converted vehicle tested.

If your vehicle has a valid CRW or NCT roadworthiness certificate at the time of conversion, this certificate becomes null and void. Your vehicle must undergo a roadworthiness test immediately after conversion and before it is used in a public place.


​Date of Conversion 

​Date CVR Test passed

​CRW expiry date




Imported vehicles (which do not have a valid roadworthiness certificate from another Member State) 

Since 20 May 2018, if you have an imported used vehicle that is more than one year old, its test due date is aligned to the date of first registration in Ireland. The CRW expiry date is calculated based on that date rather than on the date the test was carried out and passed. 

If you have an imported used vehicle that is less than one year old, its test due date is aligned to the date of first registration in its country of origin. 


​Date of first registration (in country of origin) 

​Date of first registration in Ireland 

​Test due date 

​CRW expiry date 

​10/03/2018 (vehicle is over one year old) 




​10/03/2024 (vehicle is under one year old) 




Mutual recognition of non-expired portions of valid CRWs from other Member States

If you are the registered owner of an imported second-hand commercial vehicle from another EU Member State and the vehicle has a current valid out-of-state roadworthiness certificate at the time the vehicle was registered in Ireland, you can have the unexpired portion of the certificate verified by the RSA, who will then amend the test record for your vehicle accordingly. If you do not have your out-of-state roadworthiness certificate verified, your vehicle will be due a CVR test in line with the date the vehicle is registered in Ireland. However, the EU Member State roadworthiness certificate must still be valid under Irish legal testing rules.

Roadworthiness certificates for commercial vehicles are recognised through the RSA, as we are the competent authority for commercial vehicle testing in Ireland. 

Please note: We will no longer issue an Irish certificate of roadworthiness to display on the vehicle.

Brexit: As a result of Brexit, the recognition of UK-issued certificates of roadworthiness has ceased and we are no longer accepting applications. Any commercial vehicle which is over one year old and imported from the UK (including Northern Ireland) is required to undergo a CVR Test. The due date for the test is the date of registration in Ireland.

How to have an EU Member State roadworthiness certificate recognised in Ireland:

Download a roadworthiness certificate recognition application form (PDF)​​​​​​​

  • Complete the form and scan both the form and the out-of-state roadworthiness certificate. Obtain an English translation of the certificate if it is a language other than English.
  • Email the application with all relevant attachments to

What if I don’t have a copy of the out-of-state roadworthiness certificate?

​​​We cannot process an application for recognition of an out-of-state roadworthiness certificate without the out-of-state roadworthiness certificate. If you don’t have a copy, you should contact the seller of the vehicle and ask them to send the out-of-state certificate to you.

Processing your application
When we receive your application, we will:

  • Review it to ensure that it is complete.
  • Check that your out-of-state roadworthiness certificate is valid with the authorities from the relevant country of origin for the vehicle.
  • Review the duration of your out-of-state roadworthiness certificate to ensure its valid based on Irish testing rules and CRW durations.
  • Update our database with the new test due date.

If your application does not meet any of the criteria listed above, we’ll return it to you outlining the reasons why your application was unsuccessful.

If your application is successful, we will update our records with the test due date for the vehicle. We no longer issue an Irish certificate of roadworthiness to display on the vehicle. ​

​Queries or questions 
Visit our mutual recognition of EU roadworthiness certificates page​​ for additional information. 
If you then have further queries about the recognition of EU roadworthiness certificates, please contact us directly:

CVRT Admin Section
Tel: 091 872600

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