CRW and Vintage Vehicles

If you have a vintage commercial vehicle that is  tested within the commercial vehicle testing system, you may be entitled to exemption from testing or be able to apply to undergo a biannual roadworthiness test. 

Since May 2018

  • vehicles  aged 40 years and over do not have to undergo a roadworthiness test provided that they are being used solely for non-commercial purposes 

  • vehicles aged between 30 and 39 years  which are being used solely for non-commercial purposes must undergo compulsory roadworthiness testing every two years instead  of annually.


​Vehicle Registration Date  ​​Testing Frequency 
Vehicle aged 40 years and over (in line with date of registration) and used for non-commercial purposes  ​ ​​Vehicle does not require a roadworthiness test provided that the vehicle is not being used for commercial purposes 
Vehicle aged between 30 and 39 years old (in line with date of registration) and used for non- commercial purposes   ​Vehicle will be required to undergo compulsory roadworthiness testing every two years instead of annually provided the vehicle has been kept in test and the declaration form for non-commercial use has been signed and submitted at the test centre. 
​Vehicle is not yet 30 years old   ​Vehicle must undergo an annual roadworthiness test whether it is used for commercial or non-commercial purposes.  
Vintage vehicle being used for commercial purposes (registered anytime) ​​ ​Must undergo a roadworthiness test annually regardless of age. 

What is considered commercial use?

Commercial use means that your vintage vehicle is being used to transport passengers or goods for hire or reward, for example hiring out your vintage vehicle for weddings or for own account purposes. 

How to apply for an exemption 

If your vehicle is over 30 years of age, you must sign a declaration of its non-commercial use (pdf) at your CVR testing centre when you are having your vehicle tested. Once you sign this declaration and your vehicle has passed its test, a CRW which is valid for two years will issue. This cert will be aligned to the current test anniversary date for the vehicle. If the vehicle is late being tested this will be reflected in the certificate of roadworthiness. 
If your vehicle is over 40 years old and not being used for commercial purposes, you don’t need to apply for an exemption, as your vehicle does not have to be tested. 
Important note: If after submitting a declaration of non-commercial use you wish to start using your vehicle for commercial purposes, then you must have your vehicle tested before using it for commercial purposes.  

Can I still get my vehicle tested even though it’s over 40 years old and I’m not using it for commercial purposes? 

Yes. If you want your vehicle to undergo a CVR test, then you can simply contact your local testing centre​ to arrange a booking.  

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Important Note: Irrespective of the age of a vehicle, if it is used on a public road, it must be safe and roadworthy

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